Kas plateau is closed for visitors from 16th October 2017 as flowering is reduced.

Kaas Public Consultation

Kas Plateau conservation

Public Consultation

Meeting 7th July,2012

Place: Pune.  

A meeting was conducted at Indradhanushya Environment and Citizenship Center, Pune on 7th July, 2012, regarding biodiversity conservation of Kas plateau in Western Ghats. Kas Plateau is known widely for its specialized biome and abundance of endemic species. It has been rated as a biodiversity heritage site by the UNESCO.

With increasing repute, the plateau of Kas is facing unaccustomed environmental pressures like tourism. Unconstrained exploitation of this sensitive ecosystem is resulting in rapid dilapidation of rare diversity of flora and fauna.
Considering the need for organized efforts to conserve and protect the Kas Plateau, this meeting was organized to bring together the concerned Citizens, Forest Department, Researchers and the NGO sector for the cause.

Views/ opinions were invited from the citizens regarding following issues:

  1. Conservation plan for the Kas plateau
  2. Current activity of fencing executed on the site
  3. Ethical guidelines for the visitors.

A compilation of all the responses was presented at the meeting, with remarkable ideas highlighted. Representations from researchers, NGOs and Government forest officials were presented and discussed. A refined compilation of the content of discussion may be used as a foundation for drawing a conservation master plan for the Kas plateau.

Organised by:

  1. Mr. AnujKhare
  2. Mr. KiranPurandare
Honorary Wildlife Wardens,Pune District, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Formal presentations made by:

  1. Dr. Aparna Watve (Ecologist & Founder-Biomes, Pune
  2. Dr. SachinPunekar, (Naturalist & President Biosphere )
  3. Mr. P.N. Munde, C.C.F ( Kolhapur )
  4. Mr. N. R. Praveen, D.C.F ( Satara )
  5. Mr. Madhav Gogate ( Ex- PCCF, Maharashtra)
  6. Miss Saniya Kirloskar, TEAM PUNE
  7. Miss ManasiKarandikar, Founder Director -OIKOS
  8. Dr.Madhukar Bachulkar, Senior Botanist & Activist
  9. Mr. Sunil Bhiote ( Honorary Wildlife Warden , Satara )member of Research Committee on Kas
  10. Shri. RohanBhate, member of Research Committee on Kas
  11. Mr. SuhasGurjar, TEAM PUNE

    Anchor: Dr. Mahesh Shindikar
    Apart from the above people many stalwarts from the field of Botany, representatives of NGOs and Media were present. Approx. 170 people were present.
    Notable amongst these who participated in the discussion
  12. KiranRandive, MycologistTEAM PUNE
  13. Mr. RajendraKadam ( DCF-Pune )
  14. Mr. Sunil Limaye, (Field Director, SGNP, Mumbai)
  15. Mr. GopalBodhe ( Member, State Wild life Advisory Board )
  16. Shri. SatishAwate, Centre for Environment Education, Pune.
  17. Mrs. Ushaprabha Page (ex-station director Pune All India Radio)
  18. Mrs. KusumKarnik (Shashwat, Manchar)
  19. Mr. Sanjay Thakur, Wildlife Biologist, TEAM PUNE
  20. Mr. PinakinKarve, Trekdi

A list all attended is separately attached Click here For Details

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