Kas plateau is closed for visitors from 16th October 2017 as flowering is reduced. Those who have made booking after 15th Oct 2017 will get refund. For refund please send the details of your visitor receipt having date of visit, order Id and bank details on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Dr. Aparna Watve*



Some of the key learnings to be considered for the management of ecologically sensitive areas with tourism potential such as Kas.

        1. Some of the key learnings to be considered for the management of ecologically sensitive areas with tourism potential such as Kas.
        2. Creating a representative group which provides expertise on biodiversity, socio-economic, recreation, administrative and legal issues to aid in management of the ecologically sensitive areas
        3. Capacity building of Forest department staff to deal with conservation of ecologically sensitive areas and special habitats
        4. Study of tourism in ecologically sensitive areas to identify carrying capacity of each site, to decide if tourism should be allowed in the area in future.
        5. Linking the tourism to direct conservation action at the same time minimizing impacts on the ecosystem
        6. Educating media regarding advertising of ecologically sensitive areas
        7. Citizen awareness and ethical guidelines for tourists visiting ecologically sensitive areas
        8. Modifying ecotourism guidelines of the Maharashtra state to include special concerns of ecologically sensitive areas
        9. Categorization of tourism based on the scale of impact on natural ecosystems and of the sites to correspond with the tourism categories.
        10. Rigorous scientific monitoring of the impacts of tourism and mid-course corrections as and when required.

Scientific assessment of habitat, tourism, management and recreation plans should be carried out well in advance, before initiating irreversible actions.

The key learnings abovearebased on qualitative observations on ecotourism in ecologically sensitive areas of Maharashtra, and refined by observations from across India and world.

*Project Co-ordinator, Biome Conservation Foundation, Pune. Networking and information support for conservation of rocky plateaus in the Sahyadri-Konkan corridor”(CEPF-ATREE WGhats initiative) Author is also drafting a course of corrective measures for Panchgani tableland rocky plateau previously similar to Kas in biological richness, as required by High Court.It provides anoverview of long-term effects of unorganized tourism in ecologically sensitive areas and natural heritage site.



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